• SaiyukiLover232

    Adopting the Wiki

    October 27, 2019 by SaiyukiLover232

    Hello everyone! I'm not actually sure how many people use this wiki. So far, the only members I am aware of are myself and VelaCassiopeiaMalfoy. However, just to ensure that I am not missing out on speaking to anyone, I just wanted to inform the community for this wiki that I have filed a request to adopt this wiki. The admins on this site appear to be absent--they do not edit infoboxes, help organize the content, and make sure the community remains open and safe to all. As such, I want to take on this task to ensure that everyone is welcome to this wiki and is able to use it freely, without any fear of being bullied or having their page vandalized.

    Please let me know what your thought are. I hope to achieve admin rights and be a welcoming …

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