Caleb Martinez
General Information
  • June 12, 1954
  • Male
  • Unknown
  • 1970 (1st time; body)
  • 1990 (2nd time; Mikael's body)
Cause of Death
  • Stabbing (1st time; body)
  • Immediate Disease (possessing; Mikael Summers)
Killed By
  • Himself (1st time; body)
  • Himself (2nd time; possessing Mikael Summers)
  • Student (1960s)
Relationship Information
  • Mr. Martinez †
  • Miss. Martinez †
Character Information
Caleb Martinez is a warlock, unknown to himself.

Caleb was cursed by an unknown witch in New Orleans' Bayou, giving him death-frightening side effects; sickness, numbness, and weakness.

When his death came closer, a witch named Agnes turned up at his death-bed with a cure; it was a vile with brown potion; she revealed that the vile he drinks will give him supernatural powers. After he drinks the potion, he gets a vampire to compel his parents to forget about what had happened to him and live life as normal with Caleb.

In result to Caleb's witch powers; he decides to leave New Orleans for a rich small town in Virginia.

Early Life Edit

History Edit

Caleb was born in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Caleb moved to Mystic Falls with his parents, while at Mystic Falls High he makes friends with a boy named Mikael Summers.

In desperate need of immortality he decides to put his witchcraft to work, When he kills himself by plunging a knife into his own stomach. While before, he did a spirit possession spell on his friend; Mikael Summers that let Caleb slip inside Mikael's body making him dormant.

In Mikael Summers' Body (1970 - 1990) Edit

Caleb takes over Mikael Summers' body for 20 years. After, he succeeds in the spirit possession spell, Caleb lives Mikael's life in-search of immortality. Almost 20 years after, Caleb's search for immortality while being a witch inside Mikael's body failed, and as Mikael's body was getting quite boring, so he decides to kill Mikael by injecting him with immediate reaction diseases and pass on to another body, the other body he possessed is yet unknown.

In ______________ Body (1990 - Unknown) Edit

Physical AppearanceEdit

Physical Body Edit

Caleb's wears black and leather jackets, stylish T-shirts, jeans and boots. His hair uses a flick by the fringe.

Possessing Mikael Summers Edit

Unlike, his physical body he doesn't have the same features he had, so sometimes it was a problem for him to wear the clothes he liked to wear in his own body. But of-course, he'd still wear something that had 'him' in it.

Trivia Edit

  • Spirit Possession is his first spell he uses from his witch powers.
    • Caleb uses Spirit Possession to gain Immortality he desperately wants.
  • Caleb's parents are oblivious to their son's witch powers.
  • While still inside Mikael's body; he injects himself with Immediate reaction diseases which killed both him and Mikael.
    • Caleb's status remains as unknown, most likely he inhabited another being.