Centuries Before is the first mini episode in my series, The Originals.

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KLAUS' HUMANITY RETURNS -- Klaus tells hisdaughter the story of Tatia..

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KLAUS (narrator): Some beings say secrets are what break people apart, what if i didn't want my secrets to be hidden. Some secrets are well to be discovered, even when they are not needed.

Mikaelson Residences

(An older Hope Mikaelson sits with Klaus who sits reading a bible.)

HOPE: Dad, what we're you like when you we're young?

KLAUS: my history is not to be discussed, my sweetheart.

HOPE: Tell me who your first love was.

KLAUS: OK. (puts down his book)


(Mystic Falls is a small village, with vikings who surround the place.)

KLAUS (voiceover): This was before I was a vampire. There was one exquisite female who i dare to mention...Her name was Tatia. She was one face i would never for get.

(Tatia stands around a self-lit fire, she holds her hands over the fire to keep warm.)

KLAUS: (voiceover): I watched her all night and day, I never failed to eye her.

(Niklaus watches Tatia from his cottage window.)

Klaus: As always, I'd love to see her. Your uncle, Elijah slowly fell in love with her. Ofcourse i didn't bother to sire against him, i just let me and him be in love with her. Sadly, My mother used her against us.

Present Day, Mikaelson Residence Klaus: When one night, she sacrificed Tatia using her blood to turn me and my family into vampires. Leading to an evil vampire hunter torturing us for centries..But let's keep it to that shall we sweetheart, i don't want to scare you into thinking horrible nursery stories.


Trivia Edit

  • This story centers around flashbacks to the 10th Century.
  • This story's centers around Klaus and Tatia's relationship.
  • Contains; Mini story.