Klaus, Katherine, Elijah
General information

Klatherine, Kalijah, Klalijah, Klalijerine

Intimacy level

Love Triangle, Allies, Family; Former Enemies.

First met

March 1492, England

Started dating



Love Triangle, Complicated; Family, Allie; Klaus and Katherine are the parents of Adyelya; Elijah is her half-uncle.

The complex relationship between the Original Hybrid Niklaus Mikealson, the non-Original hybrid  doppelgänger Katherine Pierce and the Original Vampire Elijah Mikealson.

Katerina (Katherine) first met Niklaus and Elijah Mikealson in 1492, after she was disowned by her parents for having a child out of wedlock, and exiled away from Bulgaria and sent to England to be with distant relatives. It is here that she eventually met Klaus and Elijah, who were posing as noblemen at the time.