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Adyelya Mikaelson
Adyelya and Landon (Yuki's Lore)Alaric and Adyelya (Yuki's Lore)Amalthea
Arielle HastingsAstrid Mikaelson
Caleb Martinez
Carrie GreenCenturies BeforeCoven (Yuki's Lore)
Dahlia Helland (Yuki's Lore)
Davina C. Mikaelson (CC-267's Lore)Davina Claire-Mikaelson (Yuki's Lore)Disappearance
DoppelgängerDoppelgänger (VCM's Lore)Doppelgänger (Yuki's Lore)
Elena Gilbert (VCM's Lore)
Elijah Mikaelson (Yuki's Lore)Elijah and Katherine
Erika MikaelsonEsther Mikaelson (Yuki's Lore)
Founding Families
GhostGilbert Family (VCM's Lore)
Harman Family (Yuki's Lore)Hayley Marshall-Kenner (VCM's Lore)
Hayley Marshall-Kenner (Yuki's Lore)Hecate Witch-Queen (Yuki's Lore)
Helland Family (Yuki's Lore)Henriikka MikaelsonHope Mikaelson (VCM's Lore)
Hybrid (VCM's Lore)Hybrid (Yuki's Lore)Immortal
James MikaelsonJosie Saltzman (Yuki's Lore)Katerina Petrova
Katerina Petrova (VCM's Lore)Katerina Petrova (Yuki's Lore)
Katherine and AdyelyaKatherine and ElijahKlaus, Katherine, and Elijah
Klaus, Katherine and AdyelyaKlaus, Viviana, and Hope
Klaus, Viviana, and Octavia
Klaus and KatherineKlaus and Viviana
Kol, Davina and HenriikkaKol Mikaelson (CC-267's Lore)Kol and Viviana
List of VampiresList of WerewolvesList of Witches
Lizzie Saltzman (VCM's Lore)Lizzie Saltzman (Yuki's Lore)
Mariya Harman (Yuki's Lore)Medium
Mikael (Yuki's Lore)Mikael Summers
Mikaelson Family (VCM's Lore)Mikaelson Family (Yuki's Lore)
Mystic Falls
Nedyalka Petrova
New Orleans (Yuki's Lore)Niklaus Mikaelson (VCM's Lore)Niklaus Mikaelson (Yuki's Lore)
Octavia MikaelsonOriginal VampireOriginal Vampire (Yuki's Lore)
PassengerPetrova Family (VCM's Lore)Petrova Family (Yuki's Lore)
Rebekah Mikaelson (Yuki's Lore)Rebekah and KatherineRebekah and Viviana
Season One (Legacies) (VCM's Lore)Season One (TVD)
Season One (The Originals) (VCM's Lore)Season One (The Originals) (Yuki's Lore)
Sirelines (Yuki's Lore)Spell of MirrorsStefanie Salvatore (VCM's Lore)
The Disappearing-effectThe Eternity CurseThe French Quarter
The Vampire Diaries & The Originals FanonThe Vampire Diaries & The Originals Fanon Wiki
Timeline (VCM's Lore)
Timeline (Yuki's Lore)Trinity CovenVampire
Vampire (Yuki's Lore)Veracious ArdorViviana Labonair
Viviana and Hope
Werewolf (Yuki's Lore)WitchWitch (VCM's Lore)
Witch (Yuki's Lore)
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